Josh Melink

League of Legends

  • Class:
  • Alumni
  • Hometown:
  • Gahanna, OH
  • High School:
  • Gahanna Lincoln High School
  • Major:
  • Software Engineering
  • Position:
  • Head League of Legends Analyst

My name's Joshua Melink and I've been playing League since March of 2010 between the Maokai and Jarvan IV releases.  First, a little history of myself and the program: When I came to Miami as a freshman in the fall of 2011, I met Jeff Eaton, at the time a player for the Miami Starcraft II Collegiate Star League (CSL) team, and he told me about CSL and how it would be expanding into League in the upcoming fall semester.  So the following year, I asked around and gathered enough interest to start up a Miami League of Legends team through CSL.  Despite retaining my mid lane role and coordinator status of the team, it evolved over the course of my remaining two and a half years at Miami as we managed to field a better and more competitive team every year.  Following our first year as a CSL team and significant growth in the Miami League of Legends Facebook page we started, TJ Hillard, an active member of our Facebook page, volunteered to help make our community of mostly League players into an official club recognized by the university.  The club was re-branded to include other popular e-sports titles, leading to the Miami University E-Sports Club we have today.  After my graduation in December 2014, TJ stepped down as club president and another friend of mine, Stelanie Tsirlis took up the reigns.  As part of her vision, she was able to take the League team (and several other teams now) to new heights by establishing a full-fledged varsity program.  As such, I'm extremely excited to continue to have a significant impact on the program that I brought to life by being the head analyst for the varsity League team.  During the hours that I'm not working with the team, I work full-time as a contractor doing software testing in Columbus, Ohio.  I enjoy spending my free time grinding the solo queue ladder, playing cards with friends, or draining putts on the golf course.