Matt Samuelson

League of Legends

  • Class:
  • Junior
  • Hometown:
  • St. Charles, IL
  • High School:
  • St. Charles North High School
  • Major:
  • Marketing
  • Position:
  • Student League of Legends Analyst

I started playing League of Legends seriously during the winter of my senior year of high school. I was a competitive golfer and I loved the mix of mental strength and skill League requires to be talented. I've competed on the club team the past two years in 4 different positions, our Miami team took top 32 last year in the Collegiate Star League. I decided to be an analyst this year as I felt like my past team experience and assistance in starting the Varsity program led me to be a good fit for this position. Also, Josh and I played on the same team for a semester and I respect his approach to the game, his maturity as a person, and outside of the game we're close friends. In League I peaked at Diamond 1 99 LP and I've had both of my accounts at Diamond 1 at the same time on multiple occasions playing a wide range of roles. As an analyst, I'm trying to bring in my background in golf by teaching mental processes and fortitude. I also specialize in individual micro-strategy while Josh takes more of the macro side of things. In my free time, I love to be outside and stay active, which includes running and playing golf, and I also love listening to music as well as playing some. I play three instruments (some better than others): Guitar, Piano and Trombone. In closing, I'm thrilled to be apart of a program I helped pitch to the university alongside our current directors and I'm excited to see where we can take it!