Ryan Danielson (Bezoar)


  • Class:
  • Sophomore
  • Hometown:
  • Oxford, OH
  • High School:
  • Talawanda High School
  • Major:
  • Kinesiology
  • Position:

I grew up without video games of any kind and would have to go to my friends house to play them. I played Yu-Gi-Oh/pokemon very casually as a kid and was introduced to Magic the Gathering about 7 years ago. Played Magic pretty competitively and went to multiple Grand Prix tournaments. That became too expensive of a hobby and I stopped playing competitively and casually. Started playing Hearthstone around open Beta (2 years ago) and played very casually. At the same time I started playing League of Legends with my friends which I devoted my time to. After hitting legend rank in Hearthstone and from encouragement from my friends I tried out streaming on twitch. That didn't work out too well. The majority of viewers were my friends so I stopped streaming. I have gone to a fair number of Hearthstone tournaments, both casual and more serious. After placing at least top 3 in most of those tournaments I realized that I have some skill at this game and when I heard about a Varsity Hearthstone team and that two of my friends were trying out for it, I was quick to join. 

 Fun Fact: I hate playing RPGs or single player games (yes I know hearthstone is single player) because I hate being alone. I prefer to play video games with people and when I play Hearthstone I like to be hanging out with my friends and talking to them.